AMA: Tokenomics – How to design Incentives to drive Good Behaviour

AMA: Tokenomics – How to design Incentives to drive Good Behaviour

AMA Date
July 20, 2022 8:00 PM (GMT+8)
PlanetQuest,, MaxxFinance


With the crypto crash and recession happening, Web3 companies & users are realising that it is crucial to have a good tokenomics model in place.

It’s not just about developing smart contract mechanisms to manage token supply, but about developing a sustainable business model that allows the ecosystem to last longer than short-term booms and busts that’s happening today.

If we are to build a better, decentralised world, it starts with learning from the past and thinking about how we can build something that lasts for the long-term, for generations.

What we’ll chat in this AMA

  1. Learning from the past. What were the bad behaviours of Web2 and Web3 business that we should stop?
  2. Learning from the past. What did we do well in Web2 and Web3 governance & incentive designs?
  3. Envisioning the future. How does a better world look like?


  • Status, a secure messaging app, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser.
  • PlanetQuest, a universe-spanning blockchain-based game of exploration, survival & discovery with a powerful Play & Earn economy.
  • MaxxFinance, a high yield staking dApp backed by validator nodes & utility

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