Blockchain Data – Key Challenges & Opportunities

Blockchain Data – Key Challenges & Opportunities

AMA Date
October 17, 2022 5:00 PM (GMT+8)
Ocean Protocol, Tribe


Ever since we’ve been able to use computers to collect and analyse data, we have always been seeking to improve lives with data-driven insights.

The interception of Blockchain technology and Data is one of the most exciting innovations today.

In this AMA, we’ll chat about the evolution of this space from the good ol’ days of Excel to today’s possibilities in Blockchain, and what the future holds for Data Scientists who are looking to get into Blockchain.

What we’ll chat in this AMA

  1. How has Data Science evolved? How does Blockchain come in?
  2. What Opportunities & Projects are you most excited about, in the space of Blockchain Data?
  3. What are Key Challenges faced in this space today?
  4. Any Career Tips for budding Blockchain Data Scientists?


  • Andrea Armanni, Product Strategist at Ocean Protocol, which builds next generation tools to unlock data at a large scale.
  • Jackie Tan is Head of Academy at Tribe, who is training tech talent to be ready for blockchain & Web3. Before joining Tribe, he co-founded UpLevel, a data science academy as well as a financial insights company.
  • Dinidh O’Brien is the head of PR and marketing of Data Lake, whose team is working to transform medical research by putting anonymised patient consents for the use of their data for research on the blockchain. He has been in blockchain and crypto space since 2012, and has also been a consultant to companies, helping them integrate blockchain and DLT into their business.

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