Top Web3 DAOs & Communities to join, learn & build Web3 projects

Top Web3 DAOs & Communities to join, learn & build Web3 projects


Revolutionary innovations have always been driven by a collective group of people who truly believe in a mission and its core principles of what and how a better world should look like.

It’s the same with the Web3 revolution – the most successful innovations in crypto, DeFi and blockchain protocols have the strong support of communities – people who strongly believe in its values and services, and will do whatever they can to contribute towards its successful fruition. 🚀

If you’re keen to learn more about Web3 or even build your own Web3 project, joining such communities is definitely a good starting point. And if you are wondering which ones to join, we’ve scoured the depths of Twitter, Discord, DAO directories, and the Web, to give you a list of some of the most active, best supported, funded ones to join to learn and build web3 projects👇

PS. We’re focusing on communities dedicated to helping its members to learn, network and get funded for building Web3 projects. So, this article will include DAOs as well as non-DAO Communities.

Before we dive in, here’s a quick primer about what are DAOs:

What is a DAO?

A DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) is a group that formed for a common purpose, like investing in web3 startups or to crowdfund artworks. DAOs are new organisational structures that operate based on smart contracts – programmes stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met – with the goal of minimising or even removing human input entirely. In a DAO, decisions are not made by an individual (i.e. CEOs, or central authorities like banks), but by the organisation’s members. They are run by its members who are incentivised with crypto-tokens to ensure that its collective goals are met. These tokens usually have certain rights attached, such as the ability to manage a common treasury or vote on certain decisions.

Essentially, DAOs evolved from the “Candies” economy propagated by Web2 platforms (such as Facebook & YouTube) and “Sharing” economy spearheaded by the open-source software/platforms, where users contribute and down/up-vote content, but do not necessarily benefit financially from their contributions.

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Web3 DAOs and Communities that you can join to learn, network and build Web3 projects

Buildspace. 🤝 Learn Web3 | 🎟 Open Access

If you're a developer interested in web3, Buildspace is a good space to meet other web3 builders.

Once you create your profile, you can start building in web3 projects, connect your Wallet to show off your NFTs and wallet activity, and access opportunities in crypto.

Visit Buildspace

DEV Community. 🤝 Learn Web Dev | 🎟 Open Access

DEV is a community of >800,000 software developers who share, stay up-to-date, and grow their careers. They hold events, mentoring, and even tools for web developers. It’s not a DAO, but the DEV Community is built upon Forem, a open source software designed to empower communities 💪🏽

Visit DEV Community

Developer DAO. 🤝 Learn Web3 | 🎟 Exclusive Access

DeveloperDAO is a DAO focused on onboarding, educating and supporting Web3 developers.

However, it’s not free to join – you need to own their Genesis NFT to gain permanent access to the community and for the time being, Governance rights (voting). They do gift free memberships in the form of scholarships to members who are unable to afford or acquire a token from the open market.

Visit Developer DAO

Ethernaut DAO. 🤝 Web3 Mentoring | 💰 Open Access

EthernautDAO is a common goods DAO aimed at transforming developers into Ethereum developers.

They’ll try to pair you up with a mentor – meticulously picked, highly skilled and experienced Solidity developers and educators – that’ll guide you through your journey into Ethereum over a 2 month mentoring programme.

They’re working on their incentive system to encourage a supportive environment. For example, the DAO will guarantee a minimum wage, fair equity emission, 100% remote compatibility, and more for mentors.

Visit Ethernaut DAO

Gitcoin. 🤝 Learn & Earn | 🎟 Open Access

Gitcoin is a community of builders, creators, and protocols working on open source software and Web 3.0 ecosystems. What’s great is that you can earn crypto while working on open source projects (through bounties, hackathons and grants).

Visit Gitcoin

Hyperscale. 🤝 Grant-giving | 🎟 Open Access

Hyperscale is more of an investment fund, where projects receive up to $1M funding (if you’re interested in getting funded, they claim to have a fast application & decision process, so you can focus on execution).

However, you can still join their Discord community to meet other founders, web3 experts, and like-minded peers.

Visit Hyperscale

Meta Gamma Delta. 🤝 Grant-giving for Women | 🎟 Open Access

Meta Gamma Delta is a Grant-giving DAO. It’s an inclusive and empowering society supporting women-led projects, where they reward donors to verified projects with GIV tokens.

Visit Meta Gamma Delta

MolochDAO. 🤝 Grant-giving | 🎟 Open Access

MolochDAO is a Grant-giving DAO deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. Members contribute capital with the sole intention of giving it all away to fund Ethereum infrastructure as an essential digital public good.

Visit MolochDAO

MetaCartel DAO. 🤝 DAO/DApp Incubator & Community | 🎟 Exclusive Access

MetaCartel is an exclusive community to support DApp and DAO dev enthusiasts. They run community events and offer grant funding to projects and operational support for early stage DApps.


Crypto.Jobs is #HereForWeb3. We hope that these resources have been helpful to you on your Web3 career and journey!